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OZOLABS was born with a vocation to raise the level playing field in skin care products. We believe these products should be respectful with your health and the environment, and we use organic active ingredients and  organic European oils of the highest quality. Our laboratory undergoes stringent inspections and evaluations of the organic ingredients we use in our products according to European law.

We are in a world in which consumer’s right to know what is in some of the products they buy is being questioned. At OZOLABS, we believe that customers should have this inalienable right, and also that each individual should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to decisions that could affect his/her own health,  that or their families, and the environment that allows us to live.

All of OZOLABS’ employees and founding members use our products daily on ourselves and our children. We wouldn’t use anything else and we rave to each other about the products, because they work beautifully and they are completely healthy for our skin and the environment.

We are starting with six basic products, the bar of soap, our oil,  a facial cream, our intense care cream, an eye serum and a tooth paste. We have worked on the formulation of Sensioil© cream to diminish the ozone aroma while maintaining exactly the same amount of ozonated oil and efficacy. These products can address multiple skin care needs, from keeping our facial skin at its best and retarding aging to alleviating a range of skin circumstances due to weather or other factors. Remember, a very small amount of our oil, soap or cream will go a long way, start with as little as you can and work your way through the skin area to be treated.

We hope you join us in the enjoyment of OZOLABS’ products and we look forward to seeing you visit this Blog!



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