Ozone is hope.
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  • My first experience in the use of Ozolabs' products took place at a time when my skin suffered important alterations in the form of eczema, pimples and irritation, without there being any apparent explanation. I started using the soap and oil and the result was really definitive, with the alterations gradually disappearing. When my skin was normalized, I thought it made sense to continue using these products and, since then, I have been doing it daily. My impression is that the skin is clean, purified, luminous and with a good tone and homogeneity. Subsequently, I used the J Cream and the Eye Contour Cream, and I think that their results are perfectly comparable with the best creams on the market in terms of hydration, nutrition, and improvement with respect to wrinkles and flaccidity. I have also tried the Intense Care Cream with good results in more specific circumstances and the Body Lotion, which I found to be really extraordinary, especially for the summer time. I am completely satisfied with these products and I have recommended them on numerous occasions, always receiving expressions of gratitude. I send a message of encouragement to the company so that they continue advancing in the health and natural care of our skin with the environmental responsibility that characterizes it.
    A. Marin
  • As a physician & personally using OzoLabs J Cream, I can attest to the outstanding quality & benefits of this product. I use J cream to help moisturize & revitalize my face, especially the areas under my eyes & at the temples. The positive effects of anti-aging & skin tightening, in just a few weeks of regular use, has been remarkable!

    Stratton K, MD
  • A BIG THANK YOU TO OZOLABS! I use the toothpaste, facial crème and ozonised olive oil. I really love the ozolabs products, because there are organic and without any chemicals! My teeth where a bit yellow, because I love green tea and espresso. In the last 3 months I applied the toothpaste twice a day and my teeth are much brighter! Even my husband is now using the toothpaste because of the amazing result. The facial crème is also amazing. I am not that person who uses facial crème every day! I have had sometimes a bit problem with pimples, red spots and enlarged pores. After 1 week my colleague asked me what I did – my skin would look so fresh! My husband has since years (over 20 years) irritated skin and sometimes ingrown beard hairs. His skin is very sensitive. He reacts to a lot of creams allergically. He uses the crème every second or third day – and his skin has changed to 100 %. NO dry spots NO allergically reactions and NO ingrown beard hairs anymore. I have the ozonised olive oil always with me! It is in my “first-aid-kid”. We use it almost for everything… abrasions, (wound) scars, insect bites, sunburn, burnings, herpes, …! Ozolabs products are a must have in every household!

    Jasmin & Marcel(Germany)
  • I recently purchased the toothpaste and it's great! I have been using it less than a week and my gums have already stopped bleeding when I brush. Thanks for this great product! It's hard to find a natural toothpaste that isn't harsh on your teeth and this one seems to be really good!

    Michelle Rawl
  • I have personally been using Ozolab's toothpaste for a few months now and I find it to be a fantastic product. I had a few problem areas in my mouth that would bleed no matter how clean they were but since using this product the bleeding has completely resolved. I have been advocating the use of products which raise Ph levels and provide xylitol, essential oils, and ozone to my patients for many years. Until now this required multiple products and separate use of each. Ozolab has created a perfect product which provides all of these incredibly effective products in a single, easy to use package which makes it quick and easy for people to use. I recommend this product to my patients because I know it is easy to use, affordable, and effective at stopping tooth decay and periodontal disease.

    Matthew A. Diercks, DDSDentist
  • I am recommending without reservation the Intense Care Cream for clearing sun spots. I had dark brown sun spots the size of a dime on my face and now they are reduced to the size of a small, light dot that is really hard to see. I used the cream morning and night during three months not expecting the reduction but I got it as a bonus. Initially, I used the cream over OZOLABS' oil to lock in the moisture, and this was an incredible, unexpected side effect!

    M. K. Los Gatos, CASkin Care Expert
  • I am 33 years old and I may say, a long way away from puberty already. Since my teenage time I have never had a clean skin in my face. Also two pregnancies haven't changed this situation. Especially my forehead suffered constantly from such "internal, skin-coloured" spots and blackheads and regularly from red spots. On my cheeks there were some whiteheads from time to time. I have done some "cosmetical cleaning sessions", but the situation hasn't really improved a lot. Since I didn't want to go on with that painful process, not to mention the waste of money every 3 weeks for unsatisfactory results, I stopped that. ......................................................................................................................   Then I was told by a colleague, that his wife is applying an ozone cream from Ozolabs with fantastic results. Her skin was like the skin of his 4 year old daughter. I couldn't believe it, but I thought it might be worth to test. Directly after few applications of this ozone creme (I didn't even apply daily, but every 2 or 3 days, as I am not that "lotion-loving" person), I could realize that my skin felt smoother and I couldn't believe my eyes that also the blackheads and internal spots decreased and finally disappeared. I have touched my forehead and I was so happy that it was totally smooth. Later on I also tried the ozonated soap in combination. My skin and face felt refreshed and cleaned. Also my family and colleagues noticed the difference. I told my mum about that; she had more or less the same skin problems as me. Then I thought it might be a good idea to give her Ozolabs ozonated cream and soap as birthday present, which I did. After few applications her skin has also improved clearly and she could confirm the impressive results.

    Alexandra S.
  • All I can say is WOW, this stuff really does a great job of improving oral health. After several years of having to return for every 3 month cleanings, I graduated to every 6 months after just 3 months of brushing twice daily with OZOLABS ozonated toothpaste along with regular flossing. As a physician who regularly utilizes ozone in daily practice, I am very confident recommending this product given the benefit I have personally experienced. My dentist and oral hygienist were similarly impressed.

    A Grateful MDphysician
  • I purchased and have been using the J Cream for just over a month.  Honestly I only expected it to help with moisturizing my skin since I have used another ozonated oil product in the past from another source.

    I am a sun worshiper so have some sun damaged skin especially in my neck. I was shocked after only using it a short time the wrinkles on my neck started going away!!! Also my skin is moist and has a more youthful look.  One would expect that since this product contains oils it would make the skin shiny and oily but it does not.  It absorbs really fast and looks like nothing at all was applied.  This stuff is nothing short of AMAZING!!! If this were marketed in stores or Amazon it would make all the other very expensive and synthetic products obsolete.  It is really that GOOD.
    I will certainly continue to use this wonderful product and highly recommend it to everyone I know.
    MC San Diego
  • Working in media as a Las Vegas TV/Radio Spokesperson, as well as being in my early 50’s, makes taking care of my skin a necessity. I’ve used some of the most renowned skincare available with mediocre results. I started using the Ozolab products a few months ago and my skin looks better than it ever has….the “Ozo-Glow” is amazing!!

    Cheryl Truesdale
    Cheryl TruesdaleHenderson, NV
  • I have been using the Ozolabs Eye Contour Cream for about 6 months now. I noticed a reduction in wrinkles within a week. Plus an unexpected surprise, all of the fat bumps under my eyes were gone within the first 10 days of use. I have VERY sensitive skin and had no reaction to this eye serum. I love this serum! Please let me know how I can order some more of your eye serum.

    Michelle MClient with very sensitive skin
  • Upon turning 60 years old, my skin began turning red and slightly bumpy. A friend suggested trying the Ozolabs Cream. With in 1 week, all of the redness and lumps were gone and have not returned. With winter here, now I use the cream to help with dry skin – very effective. I highly recommend this product!  

    C. Smith. Woodside, CA.
  • I use Ozolabs's cream and oil on my skin every day. I have noticed that my skin is not dry anymore, no pulling and just a tiny bit moisturizes my entire face. I noticed that my make up goes on a lot better also. It acts like a primer. I am constantly complimented on my skin. As an added note, I had major surgery on my foot which left multiple scars. Right after the stitches were removed I started using the oil on the scars and even the doctor was amazed at how healthy they looked. They were also very faded after just one week. The nurse could not believe it and put it on my foot every time she came to my house until I could walk on my own.  

    T. B. -- San Jose, CA
  • Ever since I started using Ozolabs's products I started noticing big changes in my skin.  It looks young and fresh and some of my wrinkles have even disappeared.  I am very allergic to different creams and Ozolabs is 100% natural so since I started using it I never had any more allergic reactions.  Also, my entire family uses these products and they are all in love with them.  A friend's daughter had a severe burn on her arm, she applied ozolabs for a few days and the burn was gone without leaving any scars.  These are really amazing products, I have never used anything like this before. I highly recommend Ozolabs to anyone who wants to see immediate results in their skin and is tired of paying a fortune for other product that promise a lot but never deliver the results…

    Eva G.Cosmetics Specialist
  • I have been using ozonated creams for about two years now and I love them. I was lucky enough to try Ozolabs new products and, after using them, everybody comments on my radiant, young-looking skin. After a few weeks of using it, people started telling me how good my skin looked. My skin feels clean, healthy and glowing. I highly recommend this product to anyone who would like to improve the health and appearance of his/her skin.
    Olga T.
  • I used Ozolabs's cream after my skin got really red and inflamed from the rubbing of my wet suit against my neck. I had had the problem before and the redness and irritation took 8 days to disappear. When I used Ozolabs's cream, after two days it was almost gone! I recommend this product.

    Borja E.
  • I am a cancer patient and I had to spend several weeks in bed at the hospital. I developed the dreaded bed sores that come along with having a weak immune system and a lot of hours spent on a hospital bed. Bed sores are always bad news, but when you expect to spend more hours in bed, they can be a death sentence. A friend of mine visited me and found out about my sores. She suggested that I use Ozolabs's oil. After 4 days of treatment the sore's size was reduced considerably. After 4 weeks, the sore had completely healed.I used the oil 3 times a day. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from skin issues, especially skin infections.

    Patricia C. Health blogger
  • I have used several of these products to treat several skin issues. On one occasion, my skin was painfully overexposed to the sun. I used Ozolabs on my face and I found it soothing. My redness subsided and my skin felt much better.

    Mike A.Outdoors person

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