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Organic Ozone Oils can help delay premature skin aging and have a potent smoothing, anti-wrinkle effect. The regenerating oil included in all of Ozolabs products is oxygenating, purifying and antioxidant. Ozolabs’s Sensioil© is a proprietary blend of ozone oils hand-picked in Spain and France.

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Product Description

The organic ozone oil from Ozolabs’s Sensioil© is a special blend of organic Spanish olive oil and organic French sunflower oil. Ozonated oils are able to maintain many of ozone’s properties: oxygenating, regenerating and antioxidant. This oil blend is the basis for all our products, and it is the source of many of the properties you will find in our product line. Sensioil© will improve the quality of your skin wherever you apply it, protecting it against the elements and rejuvenating it. Sensioil© can be used on any skin type, including your baby’s.

Our sunflower oil comes from the South of France, where the endless sunflower fields that Van Gogh painted come in full bloom every August. In addition to, our producers carefully manufacture each crop and ship to us their best products.

We keep all of our oils at a specific temperature and painstakingly test the oils before they are used in the manufacturing of our skin care products.

When applied on healthy skin, it helps prevent premature aging and acts as a potent anti-wrinkle agent. Helps improve dry, stressed skin.

organic ozone oils organic ozone oils organic ozone oils

Additional Information

Weight 0.159 kg
Dimensions 13 x 5 x 5 cm

1 review for REGENERATING OZONE OIL 1.7 FL. OZ./50 ML.

  1. 5 out of 5


    I use it daily. Love the texture and energy.

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