Organic aftershave lotion provides all necessary skin care to men’s faces which is one easy step after their daily shave. The aftershave’s content in ozonated organic oils ensures that your skin will stay hydrated and protected against the elements and the passage of time. This aftershave is appropriate for all ages and should be used daily to attain the best results.

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Product Description

We are thrilled to offer a fabulous lotion that addresses all of men’s facial skin needs. Exposed to daily shaving, prolonged outdoors activities and the passage of time, men’s skin can benefit significantly from our organic aftershave lotion. OZOLAB’s aftershave includes our blend of organic, European ozonated olive and sunflower oils, which have calming and regenerating properties, skin-soothing oat kernel extract and anti-inflammatory, healing ginger root extract. Our organic aftershave lotion will help you protect and repair your most visible skin and you will notice its effects within a few weeks of use. This superb skin cream can also be used at night or after showering as a facial nourishing cream that will prep your skin for the morning’s shave. Daily use of OZOLAB’s Aftershave is a simple, quick and effective approach to addressing all your facial skin needs. As with all other Ozolabs products, all ingredients are plant-sourced.

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Dimensions 14 x 5 x 3.5 cm
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