Organic Ozone Oils from Ozolabs Lead the Way

Producing the best organic ozone oils and being at the forefront of ozone oil research are Ozolabs’ primary objectives. This is so because we know that the best ozone oil, combined with other ingredients of the highest quality, result in outstanding products. For this reason, we carefully select, test and control the quality of our organic ozone oils throughout the entire production process.

At Ozolabs, we believe that all of us have the right to the best possible care for our skin.  After all, it is our largest organ, and it is exposed daily to the elements and environmental chemicals.  We also believe that skin care products should be respectful with the environment and our health, and that the production cycle of a skin care product should be designed to result in beautiful formulations that yield the least amount of waste and environmental contamination.

We work hard to achieve this. We use recyclable BPA free tubes or recyclable violet glass for all our products. Over ninety five percent of our ingredients are certified organic, and we disclose to our customers every ingredient in our formulations.  Unlike US skin care companies, we are obliged to have each of our products tested on patients for safety. They are also tested for stability and a number of other parameters for several months under EU law. These tests, our strict quality controls and our close work with our lab, result in a superior product that we feel comfortable to use daily on ourselves and on those we love the most.

The antioxidant power of organic ozone oils helps the skin defend itself and recover from the everyday processes that cause aging and dermatological problems. The following article explores some of the benefits of organic ozone oils: While we place great value on producing ozone oils of the highest quality, we complement that work with the selection of plant extracts for their therapeutic properties. For instance, our Aftershave includes oat kernel extract and ginger extract, which go a long way to help sooth men’s facial skin after shaving.

The result meets our high expectations and provides us with a wonderful incentive to keep researching and innovating in the fascinating world of organic ozone oils.





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