Organic Ozonated Oils

Organic ozonated oils are the cornerstone of OZOLABS products and the main reason behind their effectiveness. Innovation in skin care products is our modus operandi, and we are honored to have Dr. Silvia Menéndez, PhD, as a Partner and Scientific Advisor. Dr. Menéndez is the world’s leading expert in ozonated oils and leads our way in the research of organic ozonated oils.

Ozolabs organic oils are collected by hand in Europe for their quality and purity. Olive oil comes from a microclimate in Spain that produces the best olive oil in the country. The organic sunflower oil comes from a beautiful area in the south of France, where the August sun ripens the sunflowers that Van Gogh immortalized in his paintings.

The reason why it is important to start with the best possible base oils is that, after the ozonation process is completed, vegetable oils retain some of their original and unique organoleptic properties and beneficial properties. Therefore, we are intransigent in our quest to obtain the most exquisite oils from the proudest producers of European countries with the longest tradition in the production of vegetable oil. This effort results in ozonized organic oils that are distinguished from the rest and produce creams and personal care products of the highest quality.

When these beautiful organic oils are in our company, we infuse them with the purest ozone gas, following strict protocols and quality controls, and analyze the results of each batch in accordance with our guidelines. This process produces our ozonized organic oils, which are the main ingredient in each of our products. We combine our oils with other ingredients of vegetable origin, most of them organic, to complement or enhance the benefits of our oils. An example is preservative-free organic aloe vera juice, which is found in many of our products and offers well-known benefits to the skin.

Other extracts of plants (ginger, oats, squalene …), first cold-pressed organic virgin oils, and a minimum amount of preservatives approved by all organic cosmetics certification agencies in Europe, complete our formulations. All members of the Ozolabs team use our ozonized organic oil formulations on ourselves and our beloved families every day, for whom we only accept the healthiest and safest skin care products. We offer our customers a carefully formulated and controlled product to obtain the best results and the highest customer satisfaction.





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