Organic Ozonated Oil Skin Care

Organic Ozonated Oil Skin Care is an innovative way to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. OZOLABS range of products are adequate for any age and skin condition, and usually provides excellent results within a few weeks, using small amounts of cream or oil.

At OZOLABS, we have combined the highest quality European organic oils with ozone and medical grade oxygen to produce the leading line of organic ozonated oil skin care products. All our ingredients are of vegetable origin, and of purity that meet European stringent standards for organic skin care formulations. Our products undergo a number of quality and stability tests mandated by the European laws, much more demanding than their US counterparts. We know that these tests add an extra level of safety and quality to our products and therefore, peace of mind for our clients. We use our own products every day and would not want to use anything but the best, most wholesome skin care formulations.

Our chemists combine plant extracts (aloe, camomile, ginger root, salvia, squalene, hyaluronic acid…) with the organic ozonated oils to create formulations so natural that you could actually eat them. Our lab innovates constantly and improves products from batch to batch as needed. We consider new formulations and review existing ones yearly, always taking customer feedback into consideration.

The purity of our products is a departure from traditional skin care products, as most are laden with chemicals that in the United States manufacturers do not even have to disclose! Can you believe that? Skin care products with petroleum-derivates that your manufacturer would not disclose!

To us, this is simply an unconscionable travesty. Thus, we decided to apply what we knew about ozonated oils to my principles as a consumer to create a line of organic skin care products that we use every day on ourselves and our families. The result is an honest product that works: an organic ozonated oil skin care line that is getting fabulous reviews!

We invite you to try our products and join the “glow” crowd.

Yours in beautiful skin,







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