Aftershave anyone?

Aftershave application still sounds like an unrealistic proposition for most men. However, their facial skin decays with the passage of time just like women’s do. Where we live, in Northern California, men galore spend their youth surfing, mountain climbing, hiking and enjoying time at our many gorgeous beaches.

Until now, aftershave was a product of doubtful origin and with doubtful properties, hence its lack of popularity. Have you ever asked most of the men you know “hey, what do you use on your face after you shave?”. We have. The most popular answer is “nothing”!

And then came OZOLABS aftershave. We are proud to introduce a product (the most reasonably priced in our collection) that includes the same amount of ozonated organic oils as our most expensive creams. To the oils, we add organic aloe vera leaf juice and a wonderful combination of carefully selected plant extracts that will soothe, regenerate and protect men’s facial skin for the entire day.

We encourage you to try shaving using our wonderful Facial Cleansing Bar, which generates a thick, soft-as-silk, generous foam that will prime your skin for shaving and will cleanse your face in depth. Detailed instructions on how to use the Facial Cleansing Bar can be found on our website: ‎

Let’s face it (no pun intended), shaving is rough on the skin. OZOLABS aftershave brings back what shaving takes away from the skin: moisture, a soft texture, a glowing complexion, and a healthy appearance.

So, men of the world, take advantage of this incredible deal and this wonderful lotion, packed in a BPA-free, light-weight tube, and start giving your skin the life it deserves.

Yours in beautiful skin,


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